Thursday, December 11, 2008

rose blanket

ok, heres the latest. its 45"x64". weighs roughly 6 lbs. handspun, as usual. this one is entirely from my dearly missed churro/cotswold sheep. it will be whisked off to its new home tomorrow!
the problem i have w/ photographing weavings is...well, patience....but also that a photo doesn't do it justice. not my work anyway, because my blankets are less about fancy patterns and more about the rich texture of the yarns.the fuzzy nap and lumps and bumps, which implies a 3rd dimension...which isn't captured in the photo. whats also hard to get is the subtle and endless variations in color. and then theres the FEEL of it...being a textile and all that.
perhaps a pro photog could do it better. i'm just a queer with a cheap digital camera and like i said, not a lot of patience.

but all that aside, i'm really pleased with it. its going to be wickedly warm! i love functional art.


sighing said...

" i love functional art."

That's totally apparent.
A beautiful piece.
Kind of reminds me of the sunrise I saw this morning.

Anonymous said...

It's simply beautiful Erin. I wish I could feel the heft and texture of it, and smell it.