Sunday, August 3, 2008

where is erin?

i've been swallowed by the heat.
i wake up at 5am and have a window of about4 or 5 hours to get as much done as possible and then i slip into a heat induced stupor til around 8 pm then make some food and go to bed.

i think i handle the cold better than the heat. when its cold i just add another sweater and stay busy...or get into a bed with a hot water bottle beneath a pile of comforters and sleep.

with the heat...what can you do? i can only get so naked...can only lie so still for so long...can only get in a cold bath so many times...
i miss the mountains.

so heres some photos...this way it seems like i'm posting interesting stuff without my brain actually having to work. i swear that thinking too hard just makes me hotter.

check my chiapas corn...its a good 12 ft high or so!!!!! no ears yet though... its putting up a good fight against the grasshoppers but we'll see.theres a lizard on my window...some yarns i've managed to spin despite the fact that wool is the last goddam thing on the too hot planet i want to be touching.and then there is me...sweltering me.


Jbeeky said...

You don't look sweletering, you look beautiful!

Zinnia Farm said...

Yes, beautiful. :)