Wednesday, August 20, 2008

goats and rainbows

we've some guests here at the farm for a spell while their home digs get renovated. goats are great in a lot of ways, fucking hysterical and really friendly. but man they are a pain in the ass. getting into everything...onto everything....through everything.
really makes me appreciate my sheep.

and this here is the buck. he stinks.he pees on his face. he makes these gurgling snorting sounds and kind of waddles around. he's like some sort of gnome/troll type creature out of a fairy tale......kinda creepy

lots of rainbow action lately w/ all the rain. heres a nice double...

my latest housing plan is to try and get a little place right in town...either vegas or santa fe and kinda float between the farm and of both worlds. hoping to get a place that would accomodate my mom as well....i think the sunshine out here would do her good. ahhh but this is just a plan/scheme in a long line of plan/schemes eh? but having one at least gives me a goal...even for a little while....i don't do well w/out a plan!

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Jbeeky said...

Beautiful pictures! How does a goat pee on it's face? I just.....