Friday, August 29, 2008

swollen lamb

so heres some shots of little sirens state of rattler the untrained eye maybe not too much to look at. but her whole jaw/throat/nose is like a balloon!

she should look more like lupe here.

i have to bonus is that its nice and quiet since siren can't be yellin' her head off as per usual....ahhhh.
she seems able to breathe...its been about 16 hours since the main concern is wether or not she's drinking water. I'm not sure wha elset i can do for her. any suggestions?

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beth said...

hey erin,
hope your little sheep is doing o.k. ........ we've had some run-ins with rattlers and pilot...... the critters and me have a great homeopathic snake bite kit - good for keeping the swelling down and fighting infection.
i can not find your new number- so - call me!
sounds like you find yourself in santa fe more often these days - i would love to see you! keep me posted on what's going on..........
good luck!