Monday, June 23, 2008

a sandwich can kill you

came across this BBC story this morning. i can't quite wrap my brain around it yet...but theres a poem in there somewhere just screaming to be written. its one of those moments when it strikes me that this is our world, this is whats its come to.
humor is a survival skill. reclaiming language and lives.
spinning power on its head.
i would love to know what anyone out there thinks about terrorist bread.


Anonymous said...

Hi Erin,

There's just something intrinsically wrong about the whole thing, isn't there. I think it speaks to the warping effects on individuals and cultres that living in this kind battle zone has. It's the normalization of the outrageous and unacceptable. Thanks for the post.

Harking back to your post on owls, we've had a great horned owl marauding our poultry for the past few nights. I've seen it several times and managed to scare it away, but is has still taken my large gosling, and two have grown hens. I look at those 400 or so eggs lost, not to mention my little ones killed and feel anger at the bird, then realize it is just feeding its babies. So, I've got to figure out better protection for my critters, which is hard for the water birds who live pretty freely on the pond. I think they are learning to run for the water though when they see the owl.

Thanks for listening to me vent.

erin ambrose said...

wow, thats a lot of loss to that big ol' owl. i have yet to lose anybody here...knock on wood. i worry about my cats since they love love to hang around down in the orchard where the owl lives.

is there any kind of owl deterent you could adopt? oooo...i'm such a nerd i'm gonna go look around on the web and see....

spiderlady said...

Ok, so this idiot, had your blog bookmarked and it kept going to your old entry!!! I guess you are doing Ok, I was worried, it's the mom in me.
Spiderlady again