Friday, July 4, 2008

jesse helms finally croaks, the chicks are here and imagine $35 a gallon...

Even though it seems that for whatever reason all those neo-con bigots try and live forever...good ol' death eventually whisks them away to some impotent netherworld....yay for mortality!

and the little chicklings have arrived....they are 5 weeks old. the barred rocks are shockingly docile and friendly. the littlest one runs towards me and wants to sit on my arm, foot, leg, shoulder...whatever is available. funny little buggers.

and a tidbit of sobering info and a huge, living in the empire reality check comes from Laila El-Haddad s' blog "raising yousuf and noor, diary of a palestinian mother" ...her dad, who is in gaza, tells her there is no gas there...the streets are empty....the only gas one might get is on the black market for 35 freakin dollars a gallon. holy shit people...i start to think about who exactly will be the last to have gasoline...since it is a finite resource and all. I suspect the military industrial complex, thats who....
but it also makes me think about what life would look like here in this dirt poor farming village in the middle of the high desert w/ no gasoline...or even gasoline at 15...20 dollars a gallon. Right now the closest gas station is a good 30 miles in any direction.
food for thought.

and lastly a shot of my zapatista corn...a bit tattered from the grasshoppers but putting up a good fight!

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Jbeeky said...

Mylo and I are listening to a Buddhist folk CD called Paramita and one song is titled "Whatcha gonna do when oil is gone, brother?".