Tuesday, July 8, 2008

midsummer nights dream-a-thon

i can't seem to stop sleeping.
this from someone that has had trouble sleeping almost my whole life. but these past few days its all i can do to stay awake...even sitting up. 5 hour naps in the daytime, 10 hours in the night, little 20 minute cat naps.
when i drag myself over to my weaving studio to work i end up lying down on the couch in there and passing out.
yesterday i called a friend and in the time it took the phone to ring, the voicemail to pick up and the leave a message beep to beep...i had dozed off and started dreaming. lots of dreaming. This morning having just woken from another 10 hour stint in dreamland, i can recall my very gay dream boyfriend deciding i wasn't queer enough and choosing this super high femme over me.
i was wearing a short sleeved plaid button down shirt and neatly pressed dickies.
so while he was locked away in a bedroom making out with his new flame i stumbled around the apt. trying to gather my endless belongings.

but anyway...what is this sleep addiction? when i'm up and about i feel like i'm made of lead, or moving through water.

maybe its all the rain and the grey sky and the humidity.
maybe its that i've finally moved and its over for now and if i want to sleep...goddamit i can sleep.
maybe i'm depressed.
maybe i'm just getting some down time before the next stressfull event begins...watever that is.

i think i'm ready to snap out of it now...snap snap snap.


Goat Yoda said...

hi Erin,

rosie's friend betsy here- depending on your age, you may be experiencing the blushes of meno-. Even if plumbing isn't there, womyn still feel it. I know when I finally went over the top into full blown meno- I began to sleep more and to have those heart flutters. Blood sugar shifts also go with this, but take heart- it settles down as the change takes over. Stay away from estrogen based stuff and go with progesterone based stuff instead. Works better and lasts longer.

You could also have opened up a channel in your brain when you moved house to a more soul sustainable place and your body is responding by relaxing-

take care sister....

erin ambrose said...

well, i'm only 37 so i'm thinking its not quite menopause...more likely exhaustion. It seems to have passed now, which is good!