Friday, December 21, 2007

weavers for the revolution

its raining and should become snow overnight.

have been trying to pep talk myself into investing some hefty cash into my spinning/weaving. i've outgrown all of my equipment. upgrading is a big deal money wise. i keep saying now or never erin, now or never....cuz on an ordinary, didn't just sell my home kind of day i would never have the money to do this. and if i'm optimistic, the better wheel and loom will pay for themselves down the road...hell, one big gorgeous handspun rug could pay for both if i'm lucky. trying to remember that this money will be gone soon enough and what then? how will i get more then?certainly not on my old spinning wheel that kills my hips and my century old loom that can't hold high or even tension.

but all that logical thinking also requires a sense of the future, some hyped up faith in my relative ablebodiedness, in my ability to have stability/housing and the space to keep this equipment and the mixed bag hope/fear that the empire will keep plugging away so that there will remain an upper class which can afford the rugs i want to make, so that i can afford to breath.

well, i tell myself, even if the empire collapses, which it will eventually, textiles is a worthwhile skill/trade...people need blankets and fibers and cloth, right?

if they aren't getting shipped in from wage slave factories in china etc. where will they come from? from the local, friendly spinster/weaver/ farmer folk thats where. and thats me. taking the plunge. i'm gonna get that dream wheel....a majacraft...ahhhhh. and that dream loom....a cranbrook...mmmmm.isn't it gorgeous?

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Jbeeky said...

Wow, it looks magnificent. I am glad you are feeding this wonderful creative side of you.