Tuesday, December 18, 2007

farm visuals

i haven't had much a brain for blog photo stuff but heres a few i've managed to pull off. i want some photos of the horses but whenever i'm down in the pasture its to feed them and then they've got their faces in feed buckets. on a nice warm day i'll saunter down w/out feed but with camera. they have their winter fuzz...its very sweet.
and speaking of sweet, these are the nigerian goats in residence. little gymnastic olympians these 2 are. great escape artists as well. i worry for their safety....there are so many ways they could end up someones meal.that fuzzy thing in the top corner is a llama neck.
and check out these vigas, nice eh? hand hewn. its a neat old house. but then i am a total old house slut....can't get enough.

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