Wednesday, December 12, 2007

a new link and some old words that still count

hey i added this to my worthy linkage but thought i'd point it out here. The black mesa water coaliton has a new web page, i think its really well done. The short video on the home page is worth a looksee.

and while we're on the indigenous track....someone put together a nice piece on youtube (altho the end is cut short) with the poetic words of Marcos at the first encuentro held in chiapas in 96'.

This is where we are
the Zapatista National Liberation Army
the voice that arms itself to be heard
the face that hides itself to be seen
the name that hides itself to be named
the red star that calls out to humanity and the world
to be heard
to be seen
to be named
Tomorrow to be harvested in the past
behind our black masks
behind our armed voice
behind our unnameable name
Behind us
who you see
behind us
we are you
behind we are the same simple and ordinary
men and women
we are repeated in all races
painted in all colors
speak in all languages
and live in all places
the same forgotten men and women
the same excluded
the same under rated
the same persecuted

We are you
behind us you are us
behind our mask is the face
of all excluded women
of all the forgotten indigenous
of all the persecuted homosexuals
of all the despised youth
of all the immigrants
of all those imprisoned for their words and votes
of all the humiliated workers
of all those dead from neglect
of all the simple and ordinary men and women
who don't count
who arent' seen
we are
who are

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Rosie said...

Hey Erin!

Sounds like you are settling in.

The Nigerians will need to have a pen built for them with some shelter. Goats need shelter much more than sheep. They don't need anything terribly big, but the little buggers are quite talented escape artists...all of those small goats are. They will indeed be food for something if they aren't penned. Betsy uses cattle panels.

They will need hay and you'll have to feed them daily. You will have to take care of their hooves too if they aren't roaming about. Goats do quite well in limited space as long as they are fed and wormed regularly. If you already have a barn there, you could build them a run using cattle panels. Nigerians do produce nice milk if you breed them and let them freshen.

You can run an electric wire around the perimeter to keep your dogs away from them.

You can make a round bale feeder out of hog panels...they are just about the right size for them to poke their heads through...prolly good for your sheep as well. You put the bale on a wood pallet. Then encircle the bale with the hog panels and cover it with a tarp so they can't climb all over it and poop in it.