Monday, November 5, 2007

farm notes

i smashed my toe and it really fuckin' hurts.
and we've got a new neighbor here. She is somewhat obsessed with all of us as shes all alone over there in her pasture. she spends most of her time right here, looking longingly down this way....the sheep go up and hang around the fenceline with her which is very kind.

and heres the pain in the ass rooster. I've named him leroy brown since he's "meaner than a junk yard dog.." I have perfected the whacking him with a stick technique if i'm in the pen with him, works quite well...most of the time i really just have it pressed against him or just inbetween us to keep him at a distance.He seems to respect the stick. sometimes he gets bored with it and goes away. problem is that he's well aware of the times when for whatever reason i'm stickless and he really goes for the shoes...then i just have to kick him.

and folks....its really really dry and warm here....with no relief in sight. a big dust cloud. i'm scared of what spring/fire season is gonna look like if we don't get any snow.....snap crackle pop.

beyond all that i suppose there are far more interesting and profound thoughts formulating in my head, but i'll be damned if i'm able to actually write em' all down in some arty coherent fashion. big problemo is the old eyeballs....they aren't working too well, or i should say my glasses are ancient and i need a new the computer thing is rough.
been thinking lots about the gender m/f continuum, and the need to identify anywhere on that continuum as a human construct...which can be deconstructed. opposed to the popular belief that it is somehow natural law, akin to gravity or the sunrise, or some biological crap.
and about ei access...or lack of it in crip communities....extra depressing/infuriating, more so than with just the plain ol' general ab stinky-ass public.

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Jbeeky said...

That toe looks like it hurts! Poor baby!