Monday, November 19, 2007

the new digs

so i ventured down to the new farm yesterday to get better aquainted with what will be me and my herds new home. Its been ridiculously warm and dry which is scary but at least made the trip much easier than snow and freezing wind would have.

this is the road into the village....definitly not the mountains, but mesas are beautiful in their own way. the sheer expanse of it all. like being on the moon. and soon the road twists and turns and descends into the village with the pecos river and lots of farms.

this is the big old adobe that i'll be staying in for a while till the little caretaker house is cleaned out and spruced up and ready for me to live in.and this is the little house that will eventually be mine.its down near the big fat acequia and next to the garden. and theres my airstream!

along that big fat acequia are some really impressive cottonwood trees...huge!
cross the acequia and you come out to the pasture.... a gazillion acres....and down at the bottom there where all the trees are is the pecos river.

the dogs had a great time with the other dogs and dunking in the water and general doggish mayhem. And it all feels a bit more real to me which is good...since its where i'm going and all.


Jbeeky said...

Wow, that is breathtaking! How long do you get to stay?

erin ambrose said...

ummmm, not sure. theres no set time limit that i know of....other than it not working out for some reason or if i go and buy a property of my own somewhere....somehow.