Wednesday, November 28, 2007

calgon.... take me away

the wind has been howling here. over the top howling. windows and doors rattling, roof holding on for dear life. the chickens literally get blown off their feet.This old house is one big draft, so i'm flying through what little wood i have left.
I haven't had a proper bath ("proper" being in all of 5 gallons of water) in weeks, yes...weeks. i've resorted to sponge bathing for lack of water. what there is left in the tank is mostly frozen and what i manage to get from it has to go to dishes and the animals. i boil water in a kettle twice a day to keep the animal water fluid.

so here in this least attractive season of chacon living...i'm ready to go.I kind of can't believe i've done winter this way for years, no wonder i'm worn out.

we've a plan to move the animals to the new farm next week..a big day of transition since home is where the animals are. after that is the slow process of getting my things from here to there, a lot of back and forth and saying goodbye.....i'm considering getting a sled to get things from the front door to my truck. certainly sliding over snow is easier than trying to carry things through the snow ... on a rocky the damn wind.

i'm soooooooooooooo looking forward to plumbing. to being squeaky clean. and to having an indoor toilet. and fucking dsl which has got to be better than this 26k dialup crap. and to being closer to my friends.
so everyone cross those digits and hope that the weather is kind and lets me get off this mountain as planned!!!!!!


jacket said...

my fingers are officially crossed. Good luck!

Jbeeky said...

Mine too! You are a real trooper, Erin. I am wishing you lots of hot water. I really can't picture you with Calgon. Maybe a nice organic lemon verbana....

Rosie said...

I would not have been able to rough it out as you have, Erin. I know it will be very wonderful for you to be able to take a hot bath or shower when the mood strikes you again.

I'm still working on getting my house ready to show. I wish I had the money to just hire a crew to come in here and do it for me, but it's just me. Bleah.