Thursday, July 30, 2009


2 weeks old.

a long way to go.

i've the chest of a 12 year old boy.

friend says i need to watch out for all the chicken hawks.

moving through the world very carefully. wide eyed.

trying to learn to stand up straight.

i need new clothes. none of mine fit anymore.


Rosie said...

Just checking back in. Wow, there's no swelling at all. Raw cocao butter will help with the scars. Also, wound care requires lots of calories so manga, manga! Let me know if you need anything. Is someone there for you? Like in person?

Sweet or no, I'm serious about what I said earlier. Count on me as a safety net. I'm equally poor and crippled, but this roof is paid for so no worries. M'kay? There are even sheep. Asshole sheep, but sheep.

sighing said...

I used vitamin e oil for the scars.
Worked great.
Can hardly see them now.
There was one problem though.
All my clothes began to smell like Eau de Dead Trout.
No amount of washing would remove the stink-had to threw them out.
Maybe you should try the cocoa butter after all.
p.s. Good for you for following a dream.

Jbeeky said...

I did not think of how it would shift your center and physical core of gravity type of thing. Wide eyed is right. Congrats and happy healing.