Wednesday, July 22, 2009

bound in berkeley

hey look i'm sitting up...relatively alive and well. tired...i get tired like someone flipped a goddam switch. today i get my sutures out which then means i can shower for the first time since the 13th. yum.

the binder is itchy and way too tight and i spilled soup on it just to add to the charm.

i bought a little cheapo video camera before we left so we could document much of this whole ridiculously gloriously righteous trashy crip undertaking. as soon as i figure out how to, i will post clips. the camera has been great for comic relief in the midst of -very- trying circumstances so don't expect anything too deep...seriously.


Rosie said...

Hey Sweetie,

Wow. Much has transpired. I hope you heal well and without complications. Good, honorable scars. I'm a bit envious. Fate has gone through considerable inconvenience to trap me in the body I was born with. I become more convinced with each year there is some karmic debt I'm burning off. There better be.

Anyway, I hope life blooms like a petal for you now. And if you ever need a place to be, you can be here. Seriously.

erin ambrose said...

wow rosie, now i know i'm like beyond exhausted having just just gotten back to sante fe but thats the sweetest comment me a teary,esp. the shelter offer as its all looming larger than life now that the surgery itself has past.wish me luck darlin'. hope all well for you over there.

Jbeeky said...

I am so glad you are healing well, Erin. I am glad you did this for yourself and wish you a speedy recovery and enjoy that new body!