Thursday, July 9, 2009

saying goodbye to boob gear.

i did my going out of town laundry today. when i was hanging the clothes on the line i found myself pondering the many contraptions i've used to hold up smoosh down strap in and contain my breasts. I realized that in so many days i'll no longer need them. i won't miss them.
Then remembered and mourned a moment the well crafted leather pervyslut halter top i've yet to have the occasion to wear.wondering if i can sell it on ebay or much...


Aaron said...

I truly hope this brings you what you want Erin. I am sending positive thoughts your way and wishing you a speedy recovery.

erin ambrose said...

thanks aaron! i'm nervous but excited for the day i'm all better, fag-o-licious, and i get to run and dance.

kristen said...

erin... been thinking about you. i don't know what your surgery date is, but i hope all is well and that you heal well and quickly. :)

jacket said...

my thoughts are with you and I hope all goes well. I'm sending healing energy your way. surgery can really take its toll. I hope you have plenty of time and space to rest.

sighing said...

The night before my surgery I picked them up off my stomach and gingerly laid them on the table in front of me to tender my goodbyes.
Next day.....PARTY!!
No. More. Giant. Boobs. From. Hell.

Happy Recovery Erin!
Happy Spaghetti Strap Shirts!
Happy Shoulders/Back That Don't Ache!