Friday, October 17, 2008


we've just about the best visitor EVER here for a few days, her name is miel, she's just being weened from full height, head up, the tips of her ears come to my shoulder. her mom has fallen ill and has been taken to the vet so miel came here for a spell...she has fur like a chinchilla and she is super mellow. too fucking cute.

my mom sent me these from home in the finger lakes in new york where she lives...ohhhhh i miss the fall colors!
and heres a shot of a house i'm considering buying in las vegas.
the inside needs finishing. its an old adobe that burned down at some point leaving just the walls and some folks in santa fe have started the rebuild but can't finish so are trying to sell it. below is a shot of the attic which i think has the potential to be a totally dreamy space.Now, its not for sure that i can get it financed, and i'm also not sure that vegas is really where i want to end up since i'm still pretty enchanted by the thought of going home to rochester.....hmmmmm. certainly a move just 25 miles up the highway to a small town that i know pretty well is much easier than a 2000 miles move to a bigger city that i haven't lived in for 18 years....but when the dust settles what will i think? we will see.....i don't quite have the luxury of "choice " yet...i'll know in a few days.

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sighing said...

There's an old saying, "You can never go home".
I did.
And I even made it work for 17 years.
Now I"m homesick like crazy for the old places.
Maybe it's just wanderlust kicking in.
Good luck with your decision Erin.
Just whatever you decide please keep writing.