Saturday, January 26, 2008

a bad horse and some good bees

this is what i found this morning when i went down to feed everyone. the battery on the elec. fence is totally dead and georgia here is a wonder at over /under and through any kind of barricade so she sauntered over to help herself at the salad bar.

as though i don't have enough on my plate with spring coming, i'm really really into this idea of keeping bees. i've always gotten on real well with them in life and it seems an important thing to do with the rampant demise of commercial hives. small beekeepers are fairing well, at least around here. healthy bees, chem free forage for their sacred pollinating turn lots of honey and comb and pollen and yum..
there this well known local beekeeper guy, les crowder, that teaches these season long certification beekeeping courses that seem kind of amazing. but albuquerque is too too far for me. lets hope for a las vegas course!


Rosie said...

Hey Erin! I think you should do it! There's a lot you can just pick up from books about bees, but it's better if you have someone you can call. I looked into it but it's gotten so technical with all of the throat mites and stuff you have to do. They almost all need antibiotics at one time or another. Poor bees is having a hard time these days.

Are you feeling any better settled there? It looks so much more comfortable even though it's not your own. And I love it that you've got a long ears there.

I've been really working on my writing and collecting tons of rejection letters. Do have one ray of online litmag wants to maybe feature me...but that won't be until June and I had to remove a piece they were considering in order for this editor to put my name forward for that issue. Sometimes I just want to crawl back into my blog.

Anyway, I've been going through some painful growth artistically and that's been sort of sucky. Second guessing one's self is never fun.

erin ambrose said...

hi rosie! there ways to keep bees healthy w/out chem antibios, which is what i wanna learn!
hey, i'm gonna go and visit yr blog right now....

Mallow said...

thanks for posting a link to Les Crowder. The permaculture site is interesting also. Are you going to pursue the bee keeping?