Thursday, May 17, 2007

ya can't shear wet sheep

and it just won't stop raining...we've broken the record for rainfall in may!

i'm also unable to get pictures of their full glory some soggy sheep photos is all i've got.
the aspens in the background are just just getting their brand new, lime green foliage. the trees above me at 10,000ft are still naked. I love watching the colors climb up the canyon in spring and down the canyon in the fall.

and just for comparison...and for ultra cute points, heres a photo of lupe when i first brought them here last summer. just babies, all belly... like any little one.


Jbeeky said...

They grow so fast! Is it a cold rain or hot?

erin ambrose said...

you'll be surprised at how little they actually still are under all that wool!! they've got another year till they're full grown. its a coldish rain..its so nice not to be worrying about fire, unlike last spring.

Rosie said...

I've still got to do the boys. It's starting to get sort of warm here and I'm going to need to tackle this soon.