Thursday, January 11, 2007

what the wind can do

ok..heres a whole new blog...altho i am tempted to schlep some of the posts from the old one over to this place just because i like them so much. but thats seems weird, like pasting history into the present.
instead , heres the link

theres another winter storm coming anytime now and the wind has been relentless
the clashing of pressures and temperatures in the atmosphere it makes it hard to sleep
or concentrate
and it was still blowing up trouble this morning before the sun was even up over the mountain and i’m just out of bed barely awake and heading out the door to let the sheep out
and when i opened the door i stepped into some other reality
cats fighting knock a glass jar off the shelf on the porch and down it came and smashed tiny bits of glass everywhere
then i stumble next to the dog house and my leg gets trapped in a hole and i scrape my shin and palm
at this point i’m wondering what the fuck is going on and trying to laugh thru the pain in my leg when the dogs knock a ceramic cup i’ve used to measure the dog food for years off of the dog house roof onto a big rock and it shatters to bits everywhere.
i’m just trying to get to the barn and let out the sheep.
i’ve decided to stay in today. do things that don’t require sharp objects or tricky physical maneuvers .
and i’m using my walking stick.

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Rosie said...

I'm glad you are over here. I think you will like it. The new blogger is pretty easy to use.

Take care of that leg and treat yourself gently.