Sunday, January 14, 2007

surviving winter at 9000ft...or not.

this morning i woke up at around 7 am to 2 ft of snow and my neighbors 6 starving cows doing their best to push their gigantic bodies thru the barbed wire and into my hay pile. Now...i’ve only got 4 bales left...i’m in the midst of calling around hoping hoping someone can sell me even just 10 bales to get me thru a while. hay bales are like gold around here, esp. in the dead of winter.Chacon is not exactly wealthy...for example theres a herd of 14 llamas down the valley that no one is feeding...or claiming as they roam, break into hay barns or starve.If anyone reading this would like some starving llamas...i can point you in the right direction.
So, fresh outta bed i rush outside with my wire cutters to get a length of field fencing with the hope that it might keep those big ol’ hungry cow heads outta my life....the snow is above my knees....hands are becoming icicles...i haven’t even had my morning caffeine yet and i have this small but persistent panic at the back of my throat says my little body, all on its own, is no match for all this fucking snow...that if i’m not careful it will consume me, my animals, my life....buried. I’m just one small heart pumping blood, trying to stay warm and able to care for the others.
and this is the precise moment where patience is my best defense. one thing at a thing at a time.....shovel free the hay bales and feed the llamas and sheep, shovel out the gateways, uncover the truck, feed the dogs and cats, start a fire, put tea on, cut a big slice of cornbread, sit the hell down and have a rest.......
all of my socks have might be a good day to darn.

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Rosie said...

Damn girl! Are you okay?

I hear you about the hay situation. I don't have adequate indoor storage for mine and have been risking feeding royals to my guys. Goats don't do so good with that top layer of mold.

But the hay situation where you are has been making national news. They were airlifting hay to starving cattle during those bad storms.

Shit's freakin' expensive too. I'm paying 12 bucks a compact bale of alfalfa for my pregnant does.

Glad Bush Bat Boy gave you a giggle. Sounds like you needed it.

Stay warm!