Sunday, May 8, 2011


 and I don’t mix well.
I’m susceptible to its' pull out to sea
a choppy lost sea tossing me about
its fun at first 
then I crash into ragged rock beds staggering and sick

as a teen tequila would take me in a bar
land me crashed in a strange bed with a stranger man
I’d wake at dawn with no memory
No memory of the sex I had obviously had
Stomach turning tossing with bile up and out the door to hit the street 
with no idea where I  was
Where my car was
No memory of the drive

Tequila in the backseat to nowhere all night driving
Throw me thru the car window
Land me in a hosptal with a broken neck

Bring it on. Tequila don’t mess. Drink the sea swim the brine
rocks will meet me right where I’m craving impact.

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