Saturday, May 7, 2011

internalized #2

Will the bitterness be with me till I die? Will it engulf me? 
i’ll just take that bitter bow like everyone else I’ve known. Take my bow with a grin and a fuck you.
Take it.
I’ll try and fail try and fail
lower the bar, my expectations, again and again
Like my mother who, with only 20 years on me , is already thinking about dying. 
where is she gonna live while she dies.
That’s all that’s left to do. Where is she going to live.
Where will I live? How will I die?

40 years old feels like 40 stories high on some shaky rattling scaffolding.

My heart, hope, my life my skin cracked and vulnerable like the high desert soil.
Bitter dry.
A footprint stays for years. Years I carry the footprints.

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