Tuesday, April 26, 2011


i went out to this place outside moriarty n.m. for a handful of days, a little house...well, huge compared to my old house in chacon but you know, a good size, comfortable but not fancy or pretentious in any way. Its on a few acres but backs up against a vast expanse of high desert. for me it was a desperately needed break from all kinds of pollution. the air was amazing. a writers retreat is what Lisa wants it to be sustained as and for that i think its just perfect. no internet, which scared me a little but wow, it was really nice to free up my brain from the web. felt like a detox, on lots of levels.....and i wrote a bunch altho nothing got finished exactly. i wasn't there long enough! i want to go back.
i so enjoyed packing up my little car and heading out there with my dog . I loved that it was only 70 miles away, all on back roads.
some of what i wrote are basically blog posts but since i was webless i had to store them away for later so i'm posting them now!!!! of course i'll post the bigger pieces and poems as well when it feels like they are " finished". deepest thanks to Lisa Gill and her mother for making my stay there possible.

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