Tuesday, April 26, 2011

catching my breath

So here I am in the middle of nowhere. Relatively speaking.
Cholla like trees here.
Lizards wait and watch.
My foot steps the loudest thing here.
 Crunch crunch crunch.
The gate latch.
Wind mill sounds like weeping.
The wind like ocean waves
Ravens cutting the sky.
The dry and endless sky.
Been here for a couple days and I’ve just gone between the bed, the kitchen and the courtyard.
Exhausted. Unwell. Dragging my body from place to place light headed breathing shallow.
The silence makes me sleepy.
Occasionally I weep for just a minute and it gets drawn into the breeze diluted and then lost to the open sky.
no cars.
No laundry, cleaning or mystery fumes. No humans speaking or making noise. Just space and air.
And my dog. i love my dog.

And just like that its raining.
The smell of damp earth fills my parched head and lungs makes me feel a bit queezy with the dank  weight of water.
I feel relief.
Relief for the coyotes and birds.
For the trees and the cracked land
I feel tired
The skies low and heavy blanket saying
Sleep now poet
You just sleep now.

*photo is a close up color shot of  the brown, dry cracked high desert ground. there are a few smalls clumps of stubbly grass spaced apart here and there.

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