Monday, July 18, 2011

sometimes out back

a host of sparrows explodes from the tree top outward in all directions
i can feel the lift of it
the stirring air and for that brilliant skyward moment
it all lifts with them
the heavy growl of traffic
the dangerous hum of humans
all the well lodged voices in my head that condemn me
its all your fault echoes
of my own voice falling in the heat from the bed
toward the dirty carpet
will this
be over
the sounds they all lift
with the birds
exploding stirring up ghosts and history and
a sense of tomorrow
theres a chance of change as good as a rest
i want to take off toward
and outward
take off lost and happy
take off years
of lonely
keep this feeling well lodged inside
my chest
my chest brimming
with sudden hope sparrows.


Anonymous said...

this is lovely! <3 amber

Anonymous said...

You seemed very happy up in your mountain home. You had so much to write about. I know you were lonely for people, but so happy with your animals. Have you thought of something similar, but as remote? Would love to view more of your daily adventures and how the poetry poured from your heart.