Saturday, April 24, 2010

is this thing on?

oh sorely neglected blog
is anybody still out there?

long gone is the heyday of daily posts and photos. i'd blame it solely on being less isolated than i was back in the farming era...which is a good thing, and having children in my life....which is fantastic, but i know plenty of folks with people-full, busy lives that craft their blogs much more intensely than i do. so, eh....what could it be?

 well one thing might be the end to a decades worth of living completely alone. often in the middle of nowhere.  and now a moving van comes in 2 days to carry me into the home of my lover and his children.
could be that.

could be the intense physical labor i've undertaken for the past few weeks. a week of which was taking up old carpeting and installing cork flooring. i've never done that before, cork flooring...i think i did a pretty damn good job. but man, installing flooring is hard on the body.

i get a deep deep satiating joy from physical work. gardening, fencing, house renovation/rebuilding/repair or just building period. even though it kicks my ass to the point where nothing else gets accomplished in my life...dishes, phone calls, hygiene....nothing. you get the idea.

so yeah, shacking up w/ a lover and all that entails. its a whole new adventure. a whole new way of living. i'm sure once the dust settles i'll have plenty to write about....its all piling up in the back of my mind. taken a backseat to packing sorting storing lifting and finding moments to hold his gaze and express the love. this undertaking working at all is dependant on sweetness, mindful love, appreciation, patience... more sweetness.....

and remembering to breathe.


Anonymous said...

thx for updating your readers. best luck to you through the work to settle in. love, seeley

ambrose said...

hey you, you're on my list of folks to call once i get my brain back. xoxo

ambrose said...

stacey!!!! i meant to publish your comment but instead pushed "reject"....ugh....eyes and hands not cooperating w/ eachother. thanks for the note!!!!

kristen said...

Still here, still checking in. So glad you are settling in and have good folks surrounding you. Enjoy the cork floors!

cheryl said...

So nice to hear from you again , I wish you much joy and happiness in your next phase of life .

Anonymous said...

Just had a dream where you were playing with my kids and I thought(in my dream) "God, she is so great". Glad for you. -Jbeeky