Saturday, December 5, 2009

this crips' recession blues

i'm thinking of letting go of my weaving and spinning cottage industry. income from it all has been in slow decline over the last 2 years, and i haven't sold a thing now for 3 months. Not that i ever made a fortune, but steady yarn sales certainly helped ends meet and cash flow was punctuated by the sale of a rug or blanket every few months. its obviously the recession....and honestly i don't see it getting any better.No one is buying hand crafted things right now, and i don't blame them.

its fear that feeds my hope that the empire economy will recover. my loathing of and dependency on capitalism put to the test.

i can't help but think i should try and sell my weaving equipment while theres still a chance in hell someone will buy it. then if i want to spend time on something creative that doesn't make me any money, i'll concentrate more on poetry.
I've got maybe 4k in equipment...i sure could use that money. i'm looking at december with 100 dollars in my account and utilities still to pay.

sometimes i'm kickin' myself for not sticking with my tattoo work. i had gotten pretty good. stopped mostly because of arm pain and the ei access nightmare of the ink and getting up close to peoples bodies...but now it seems i shoulda tried harder to work that shit out. i've a friend who is a tattooist in new york and she's slammed with work. whats that about? i guess a tattoo is a sound investment when the shit is hitting the fan. it ain't goin' anywhere.

then next on the list, now that i've recovered from surgery, would be figure modeling or fetish/dom work. the genderqueer factor either working for me or against me. never mind i'm 39 which is up there for employment hinging on looks(ism). oh...and that santa fe is this uptight new-age/fine arts blah de blah kinda small town. but hey i'm never know.

lover says i should give textiles one more year. spin out some serious inventory and see what happens.
but i'm gonna give my tattoo machines a tune up, and maybe do some push ups and polish my boots just in case.


cherylhotton said...

I am so happy to read that you are recovered from your surgery and that you are looking forward to the future . Hoping all works out for you ! I enjoy reading your posts .

Jbeeky said...

I hope you stick with your weaving, I hate seeing textile art going down the tubes, you know? Hoping something turns quick!

Anonymous said...

As a weaver, spinner, and business owner...hang in there, these are tough times and you will never get enough from selling your looms. I almost had to give one of my big ones away. I am on cruise control until after the Holidays....keep repeating will get better, it will get better.

ambrose said...

hey y'all thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm trying to hunker down and focus...and somewhere in there maybe just indulge a bit in just enjoying the work...regardless.