Sunday, August 23, 2009

holy crap

its been a while.
as usual things are swirling around me and i'm trying to get a grip.
-looking looking looking for housing that meets my criteria and that i can sustain.
-trying to get out to poetry slams/readings then reintroducing myself to the impairment and exhaustion that follows for days afterward.
-trying not to reply to this ad on craigslist for a laying hen w/ an injured leg thats super friendly and can't be around other adult hens cuz, you know, chickens are kinda scary mean the way they take out the injured.
-weaving scarves.
-arguing w/ "progressive" middle class people about the ways they perpetuate exclusion, poverty and the class system. You'd think by now i'd be used to being the "angry" one.
-hoping maybe i can find my mom a decent job here so i can then entice her to move here. that woman deserves some sunshine. and she's too fuckin far away. or i am.
-navigating love.

been practicing poems a lot...i thought this series of pics taken whilst i recite on the kitchen floor in the stifling heat were kinda nice.i'm well aware that i'm becoming some sort of post op tranny exhibitionist. i'm rollin' w/ it.


Jbeeky said...

Wow. I think you look amazing. I would also like to see your scarve work, will you be posting pics?

erin ambrose said...

hi! sure i can post pics...for sure i'll put them on my esty shop.

Just 4 Ewe said...

Erin you need to link to your etsy shop so people can see what you are doing. Also your facebook link is defunct? Just thought it would help you make some $$$ cash. Make it easy!!!

erin ambrose said...

i'll work on that! cheers