Wednesday, May 13, 2009

home again home again jiggedy jig....

i went home to ny for a wasn't enough time. partly i was on an information collecting cost me a friggin' fortune.
santa fe is wearing on me. i only want to stay here in this weird town if theres a way to build in my friends yard, where i would have affordable housing and a working class queer refuge in a gentrified landscape...otherwise, i gotsta go.

so, once again i headed home to try and get a feel. realistically what i should do is visit there in january eh?
i looked at a house for sale on linden st. right near south ave. walk to everything kinda was great. i had a huge sold like the next day. i think it was forsale for 2 was a dirt cheap freddie mac foreclosure.

bck out where my mom lives, i managed to find some sheep!

what was nice about going in may is that the summer people hadn't infested the fingerlakes yet so i had keuka lake to myself. there weren't even any boats on th water, very nice.

ok, i've been in the desert so long now that i take pictures of grass...its true. it fascinates me. draws me like a siren.
and, for those of you who read my "free ketchup" post, this is a follow up. here we having living proof that the ketchup bottles rightful place is on the table...for free.


Jbeeky said...

hahahaha. We should create a "Free Ketchup" t-shirt! The photos are lovely and the one of you is beautiful.

Goat Yoda said...

Erin, move to TN, up where Rosie and I are- there's enough rural and enough social things going on for thriving here- and community in the woods besides......

erin ambrose said...